Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Steps

Today my sweet baby took her first steps!  It was so unexpected to say the least.  I think I scared her half to death when I squealed with excitement too.  Of course, it was a shock to us (we weren't trying to get her to walk) so we didn't have the video camera ready.  Once we got the camera set up, on such luck on a repeat.  I'm sure she'll be cruising around here any day now!  

It's so bitter-sweet for me.   I love watching my baby grow up and learning new things, but she's my baby!!!   People keep saying, "She'll get into everything now."  No fear, that doesn't change a thing.  She gets where she wants, when she wants, all the time.

Bring on this new stage!  I'm excited for running around the playground, playing at the gym, and all that walking brings.  

After vacation I am even more happy to get home to cloth diapers and potty time! 

Look at those eyes! 

She loves her bath time! 

Think she's going to be feisty?

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