Friday, May 20, 2011

Washington D.C.

Since we are just getting back from vacation and our schedule is completely off I thought I would write a little about our vacation.  It was a great time! Definitely NOT a relaxing vacation, but still a good time.  We saw just about everything in our two days there.  We we traveling longer and made a pit stop in Virginia too, so we were gone a lot longer.

My favorite part of the trip was probably the last three hours we spent in the city.  We drove into Metro Station that morning, then planned to drive in the evening.  It was my wonderful husband's birthday, so we went to Georgetown Cupcake.  It had just rained so there was NO line!  Once I had enough pictures we took our goodies to Gravely Park, which is RIGHT at the end of the Kennedy International Airport.  It was awesome! Planes take off every thirty seconds and they go right over your head.  We didn't stay to long because the kids we're keen on the loud planes.  Then we finished our trip to the city up with a night time drive around.  It was beautiful!  Plus no one is in the city once it gets dark, so we had the road all to ourselves. We could stop at any point and capture these great pictures.  Enjoy!

Air & Space Museum with Mommy

Addi's favorite part was the fish tank at the Smithsonian

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