Thursday, July 18, 2013

july unplugged

During the month of July I decided to unplug from social media {facebook, instagram, pinterest}and minimal blogging.  For the sake of memories I wanted to step back and enjoy the people I'm with, here and now.  Create memories instead of hiding from stress.  Most days it's easy and I'm so glad I am taking this break, but when I had to flu I just wanted to sit in bed and get lots in my favorite sites.  When we were on vacation, I'm glad I didn't miss a second.  While my sister and her family was in town we created beautiful memories for our kids.  Here are a few of those memories: 
morgan caught a snake ||  sisters + their girls
ninja cousins || train ride with cousins 
caramel making with gramma || free chick-fil-a for wearing cow hats + spots
mountains at sunset || crafts with gramma
hiking to water falls, through rivers + over fallen logs || my family 
opreyland hotel || ripley's aquarium inside the "finding memo" tank
happy third birthday baby girl!! 


  1. I've missed "seeing" you daily, but glad you've had a wonderful time {love the blog change!}

    1. I miss you too!! I definitely miss Instagram most of all.

  2. Fun! I have also missed you, but love that you are living life!