Monday, June 10, 2013

my big {little} girl!

This week was a big week for my sweet girl.  This mama's emotions have been going crazy!  She got a big hair cut! When she was little she had lots of hair cuts to keep her hair all evened out, but this was the first hair cut she remembers.  Plus she got almost eight inches cut off.  Crazy! 

In the week leading up to her hair cut I was a little really nervous about how my little sweet and spicy girl would react to getting her hair cut.  All I have to say is, at least she's predictable.  She had a massive meltdown, in the salon with a hair cut half done.  Everyone was incredible to us trying to help and distract her, but my girl has a mind of her own.  She ended up loving it and even hugged the stylist on the way out. The pour hairstylist, she never saw it coming.  Addi is bringing her a gift card to the local coffee shop. 
My little girl looks like a kindergartener.  It's bittersweet!  I love the haircut on her.  Since the big cut I've been trying to trim her hair a few times a day so she will be better about getting it cut next time.  She even knowingly let me cut it yesterday while she watch in the mirror.  It's kind of a big deal! It's so cute and easy that I want her to have a bob haircut e for a while.  It really fits her adventurous and sassy little personality. 

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