Monday, April 22, 2013


This week I went through my Pinterest boards and deleted a ton of boards.  It might look like it with my still 3,000+ pins, but I deleted over half.  Yep, half of my pins are gone.  And do you know what?  I'm still happy and I don't miss a single one.  So why did I delete so many pins?  They simply aren't making me the best me.

Having boards filled with recipes I don't bake, hair I can't style, clothes I don't own, decorations I don't have a house for, etc.  It's not making me better.  In fact it's making me jealous and longing for things that aren't meant to be part of my life now, if ever.  Is that something is of God's heart?  Will I grow closer with my Father, family and friends by doing this?  No.  It was making me envious of "put together" friends, wish I was the person would did all the workouts I pined, putting my desire to move and have a house to make home was overwhelming me.  God has us here, in this season for a reason.  One of them to to drawl near to Him.  Some of my dreamy pinterest boards were getting in the way.  Thank you for refreshing me Lord! 

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