Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Where You Lead, We Will Follow

Eighteen months ago we moved into my in laws house.
We thought we would move out with in a month or two.
For sure we would move before Christmas...in 2011.
Guess what...we're here three weeks from Christmas 2012.
And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else for our 2012 celebration!!

I couldn't be more grateful!!!

My in laws have blessed us in ways I will never be able to thank them for.
Our family has had a warm place to live and more then we could ever ask for.
My sweet baby girl has grown into her sweet, spunky little self here.
She is now talking, running, dancing, potty trained, and loving everyone around her.
This year and half has blessed me with some of the most amazing 
friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  

There will be days after we do move that I will need to call my best friend from Sturgis crying or laughing (I would't have met her if we would have moved in 2011).  When I will text the youth pastor's wife from our old church (even though our friendship became closer after she left our town and we went through similar experiences). When I will call my in laws because we need an emergency babysitter, have a sick child, or my car needs to be fixed and they will drive two hours in any weather condition to be there.  If we would have moved I wouldn't have know what it was like to have a deep bond with a friend, a fellow pastor's wife I can text about anything, a close relationship with my in laws and even more importantly my roots.  

Recently I've been getting a small glimpse of those roots that have been forming through what has felt like storm after storm after storm the last few years.  There were times I would have given anything to move on to the next best thing, but I wouldn't be half the person I am today.  My faith has been tested time and time again, I was far from perfect, but grace has been lavished on me and have I ever grown.

Lord, where you lead, we will follow.
Where you take us, through thick and thin, your plan is far sweeter then our own.
It's beauty might not be visible to us through the growing pains,
but is it ever a beautiful picture when you open our eyes to see your masterpiece

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  1. Oh this post! That wait God wants and needs us to go through.