Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Beautiful Celebration!

Christmas morning we woke up at home! 
Since we had company Addi had to sleep in our room, which I was super excited about.
Let night cuddles and early morning snuggles are my idea of a perfect Christmas.

We had a nice slow morning with cuddles in our bed and a Christmas movie.
Then we joined everyone else in the house for breakfast.
Addi and I read Happy Birthday Jesus and a few other Christmas books.
Once daddy was ready we sat down with our DIY nativity and read the Christmas story.
Those are the moments I love! Addi naming all of the little people in her nativity.

She got to open one two presents before the cousins arrived: her new carseat and Daisy Duck.
Her reaction was priceless! She couldn't stop giggling. 
Timeouts still happen on Christmas morning...just in her new carseat.

 Since Black Friday I've been so excited for Addi to open her princess dress and accessories.
On November 1st, and every day since, she's said she wants Halloween for Christmas.
We're not sure what that means, but I'm assuming candy and dress up, so we nailed it!
She. Freaked. Out!!!

With seven cousins in the house there is never a dull moment, 
from sled rides in the house to three little cousins in their parents new coolers.
We love the memories we made and the time we had with family this Christmas season!