Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure

When I was pregnant for our daughter we decided it was time to trade in my high school car for something that could actually fit a carseat in it.  
We used a good chunk of case with a "small loan" to get our SUV and love it.
However, we missed the freedom of not having a car loan.  
So we saved up some cash to buy our next vehicle, a mini van from an auto auction.
Then we sold that and used cash to a new car.
And now...finally...we traded in and got our mini van.


Thank you Jesus! 

My amazing husband traded cars patiently waiting for the van he wanted for his family.
He researched to find the safest van made in the year we would be buying.
For the little car lot in town that not only had the van we wanted, 
but was willing to trade the van for our car.

We're so blessed to have a heavenly Father who cares for our every need.

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