Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peace, Patience, and Provision

Ok, so I know that I have posted on my blog a lot today, but I just feel like God is really breaking me and shaping me each and every day.  Yesterday I post about really needing to seek peace through the moving process and my job interview.  After talking to Evan about some apprehension I had about my upcoming interview for a nanny position and neither of us felt at peace about it, that I wouldn't go.  

Before I sent out the email that I wasn't coming I decided to look through some of the job postings again and I felt like God reaffirmed out decision not to go.  A posting I over looked last time I decided to read through and it was for a pastor and his wife who was a nurse.  Thank you God for saying there is a good a perfect place for you and your family, even if it's not here.  I decided to email the family to see if there would be anything there, but just knowing that I had peace not going and God would provide was enough.

Tonight I got an email from the family who is so open about our family, our story, their family, schedule, and it's just amazing to know that there will be something in the futures.  Whenever God places it in our lap.  God provides.  He breaks us. He molds us.  He makes us wait at times.  But He is always there with a helping hand and provides for us.  

Praise God for the hope He provides for us! 

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