Thursday, June 02, 2011

Decisions: Jogging Stroller

Ok, so I've been wanting to do a half marathon forever!  I've never got the guts up to train, let alone race.  So now that I have a little one I love getting out more then ever, however my old hand-me-down jogger was awful to push!  It pulled one way, then the other.  My fingers end up cramping more the rest of my body, which is saying a lot.

Today I sold the "big blue beast," as I affectionately called it, in a yard sale to put the money toward my infamous new stroller.  Next up on the list of things to sell: my sweet Trek bike.  It's just no longer practical and I've barely ridden it in the last five plus years.

So now the search is on and it's a pretty big decision to make.  I'll be logging around twenty miles a week fairly soon.  Even though popularity wise it seems like a no brainer to go with the BOB revolution, my pocket says to go with a more practical option with the Schwinn Turismo.

BOB Revolution: I love everything about the BOB and honestly haven't read one bad review!!  It's super light weight, lockable wheel, super huge sunshade (the one in the picture extends), it's going to last the wear-and-tear in the years to come, super easy to push, and I'm sure so much more.  There isn't one thing I don't love about it, except for its price. Boo!  I am however scouring the internet to find a nice used one.

Schwinn Turismo:  I really love all the features about this one.  It has the added ipod hook up to let the little one have a dance party, a kid tray, all the things that the BOB has, except for it's a bit heavier and I'm concerned how it will hold up over time.  It make me a little nervous.  

Any runners input would be great!  I'll say a prayer, see how much money I make off my bike, and see what happens after vacation when I get to order it.  

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  1. Hey Kait! I went with the BOB...i love it. BUT the Schwinn Turismo looks pretty sweet too. Does it fold up nicely? I ran with my BOB last summer (have been doing more walking this summer since i'm 7 months prego). Does the front wheel of the Turismo lock down? That would probably be important as a runner.
    Hope you can come to a Moms in Tow stroller class sometime!
    Jenny White