Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tiny Tot

Well, I've been doing Sign Language with Love Bug {now 9 months} for a little while.  We love the Baby Sign Language site for lots of great free resources and the Baby Signing Time video.  My little Love Bug always dances when I play the Diaper Dance video and it's just adorable! She's started really interacting when I sign to her for eat, more, nigh night, bath, potty, hi, and milk.  She's always waving and really trying to get the hands to follow.  Clapping and eat are her most successful.  I love the interaction and the learning that's happening!

Love Bug signing "Eat"
We're also a cloth diapering family, which I LOVE!  I wouldn't have it any other way in the least bit.  Our little Love Bug has always be a very obvious #2 goer, so I had this thought maybe when she starts showing signs {grunts and a red face lol} I would quick put her on Bubba Gump's {her big brother} big boy potty topper.  I researched into EC training, but I just don't think that's for me as we have a very busy, active life.  However I would love to not spray diapers and save a little wear and tear on my amazing Smart Bottom diapers, so two days ago the little one near pooped in the tub so she quickly got put on the toilet with no such luck.  Today at lunch time {a normal time for her to grunt} she started her routine, so off to the potty we went.  She sat, we signed potty, and she played with her rice shaker, {see details later} but with a few noises no luck again UNTIL part way into the bath she started "blowing bubbles" and again a trip to the potty.  Two seconds later my sweet little Love Bug had her first potty moment.  I was SO excited!  So yes, my nine month old will be rushed off to the potty for grunting moments when we are home.  No, we won't be locked to the house trying to potty train now.
Isn't she just adorable on the potty! {note the marvel comics}

For as long as I can remember love learning through research, which I thinks comes from my early homeschool days.  A friend of mine introduced me to a great site and I'm so eager to preschool my Love Bug in the future, until I found out about Tot School, which is generally for a little older tot {1-3 years old.}  Now I know it sounds CRAZY to school your nine month old, but it's not at all.  It's just one on one play time filled with learning, Tiny Tot School.

How often do you like your little one just play on their own and intervene when she pulls on your leg?  This is such a great way to plan to play with your child to teach them about the world.  For example at these young ages you introduce one object a week, like bells.  Each day you'll add something to the bells or do a difference activity to help her grasp difference concepts through their sounds.  So fun!  Plus it's a great way to have bonding playtime with your little one. 

Today's Tiny Tot School {Easter Texture Box}
We had fun with her Easter texture box today.  Through out the week we'll add object inside the eggs to add difference sounds too.  Love this time with Addi!  Plus add in your favorite Easter book and it's a fun week to learn about Jesus concurring death to give us eternal life.  Thank you Lord for your Son! 

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